Dan Grote

is an incarcerated writer whose work has appeared in numerous print and online venues — Coal City Review, J Journal, Hiram Poetry Review, Poets & Writers Magazine, and the American Prison Writing Archives, to name a few. His one and (so far) only National Public Radio appearance can be found by visiting thirdcoastfestival.org, show 218, “Odd Couples.” He can be reached via Dan Grote #22670-424, USP Canaan, PO Box 300, Waymart, PA 18472 or danmgrote@gmail.com

*Below the poem is the letter SCR received from Dan after accepting two of his poems for the 106.1 Winter 2019 Issue.

Speedbump Creatures

I’ve often wondered, in
the course of things I wonder
about, why are manatees so dumb?
Fat, happy sea-cows floating;
chewing what they chew and
eating what they eat, getting
hit by speedboats, backs carved up
by whirling propellers.
Nothing but aquatic speedbumps.
But me, I empathize,
for I, too, have been
run over by life’s ship,
propeller by propeller

by propeller.