Emma Ferrell

A recent SCU graduate from Sacramento, CA., Emma studied English, Italian, and Urban Education and received awards for her academic writing, prose, and poetry. She was also recently published by the Academy of American Poets. Today, she works in San Jose as a college counselor and plans to return to school to pursue clinical psychology.


A found poem, pieced together entirely with words from Icelandic band
Of Monsters and Men’s second album
, Beneath the Skin (2015).

you are sailing
from Darker Days
but the air is silk
and you’re
in stars       that lose their shape
in skies      that see through
want to      undo
this storm
hide      in your
                  clear          veins
                  floating     comfort

I run
               from clouds of Silver ropes
I feel it
               in my sleep
              a vicious vengeful sea
                hold me down
                swallow my breath
                feel the ocean
                suffer the sea
                see the salt dance
                                            the sound and
                               the shape
                                             of it

I need nothing in the color Blue
I feed the cannibal       sailing
breathe in
cough up          my lungs
              breathing heavily
                           pitch Black sand and
                           charcoal-coloured thighs
see myself         through a swarm
                           of silhouettes
                           without teeth

Black water
            color my spine
            my body
            the vicious one

but I caught you
with all my eyes closed
so you want to
                           take off              my face
                           peel away          Gems and Gold
                           colour me Clear

stones fear no storm
                    no neon lake within
                    no perfectly strange skin
what are you waiting for?
lift up your body Black
breath Black
discolor       bleed          and blend
and lose what is