Erika Rasmussen

was born and grown in Denver, Colorado, and her growth now continues at Santa Clara University. A childhood spent in the outdoors, in travel, in books, and in faith has fostered within her both a deep love of the earth and of human beings. She prays that her words would be carriers of light and of love to all who read them.


Is that you drifting or me? She asked me
if I feel awake or like I am dreaming most often
I say I am not sure. I know
very little. The holiest
moments seem to be dreams. But it is they I want most
to be real. I want most.

I swear by the heavens and the poorly translated
hell I’m not sure I believe in I will get
there one day and I will be wrong and you will
be wrong and we will all be
just fine. God whispered to me it’s okay
not to know. God shouted it’s not okay
not to love.

It is most often less than
sweet. Pre-dreaming
licked by tea-water tears and lots of
why. The cup still brims
over with Life. He adds two
cubes of sugar.

Light criss-crosses.
On the dark side of my eyelids
sits the other side of the fence, green
redeemed. Sometimes thoughts like
bits off a mountain break, turned folly. Unsteady,
avalanche-prone, flying the rise and fall
of a soul well-spent.

My hand cannot help
but reach, tenderly you take
Yourself upon it and I am thoroughly
convinced. Enoughness stands delicately
on the tip of my tongue.

Do you laugh when people call your name
after stubbing a toe? Greater love, You hang upon my heart.
The Incomprehensible sought to heal and
feel everything the world has ever felt done heard twisted,
just to know. A God with humanity. My finger grazes my wrist.
Love has no one greater than this.

Holds just as many Bibles and contains
moments sometimes holier than
church. Involves dancing in bathroom stalls.
Late-night mirror crawls into
Saving Grace eyes. Intimations.

Safety did not pronounce your name
until she clarified that the definition of faith
welcomes questions. The cup of life
brims with them. Safety
becomes the definition of family.

The presence has been piercing
and warm. Not without great sanctity
have these doorways been crafted.
I walk through captivated. Someone Otherworldly
lives there. Enlightenment of the eyes
appears much fuller than the mind.

Know You in a rooted
way into which I must water
myself. They dig deep, they reach
higher than eyes can
climb. I know it’s more
than sunny up there. Knowing
light takes both the earth
and the sky.

Keep careful watch of your beatings,
there is a God stitched into your sinews.
Hum gentle like a Lamb, feel tiger-deep.
Love your imperfect love, it’s human

If it becomes about anything else
run. If there’s one law you don’t break
this. Give what you can, take what you
know. A million untruths will teach you
less. You’re unsure, but with this you can

I wish I pray I understood. But let it
go, and bang-bang that which makes
sense not makes the earth spin round.
Whispers my soul into being,
be still. You and I are a-dwellingplace.
Peace ricochets.

Fear not, my history pleads. I’ve never
heeded enemy requests to wring my hands,
I’ve run wholeheartedly to cross
the bellowing future. Don’t you know
a creation so vivid could never really
die? I am quiet, quite alright.
The stop needn’t
be kind.

Is not an option in this
heart-of-mine, heart-of-Yours place.
The devil’s attempts at friendship, scandalously
I repeat no, thank youYou’re too late
for me.
 The darkness is never on
time with a world-clock set to
the Awoken gasp of unshroudable light.
Three days for eternal sunrise.

That I might mean so be it.
That I might be convinced. Faithfulness needs
eternal convincing. Today I feel again
That I will be filled with love forever.
My hand cannot help
but reach yes, thank you.