Frances Mac

hails from the Texas Hill Country and currently lives in Washington, DC. Her work has previously been published in Epigraph MagazineBurnt Pine Magazine and The MacGuffin. She is currently at work on her debut collection, which is comprised of poems using only language from Donald Trump’s speeches and statements.

We The Spiritual

             An adaptation of Donald Trump's remarks
             National Prayer Breakfast, February 2, 2017

Hear our prayer
O God of           Somebody
for we                 the people
have lost our way

From the Pilgrims          whose sweat
became a nation churched
To the pioneers               their campaign
of genocide      and plains brutalized
To the soldier   and his ceremony
of wars              sworn to his faith in arms
To the patriots who know not
their countrymen         some sad conviction
that freedom is freedom is freedom
though freedom is a gift
for some            and a battle for most

Bless us              father
for we have since
admitted no acts of horror
but it’s true God            it’s true
all seven              all here
The want             for flesh we cannot own              for generosity we do not
earn      for money that is religion                          a pretty little bone to pick
for the eyes that can only see                   for the slaughter we chase like dog
dreams      for the rights we hold sacred and they are fundamental and they
are human and they are the beachhead of our violence                              and
how                   we the people                  will not say that we fail and we are

Tell us               God
America your son         hath fallen
And where have you been        O Creator
We call              we worship       we listen to your creed
We carried a     cross
And      nobody             ever      came
Who will comfort         our devastated souls
What bible         what words will give solace
Does it matter

Listen America               remember this hell
this land of fear              we have allowed to flourish
Take that fire    the wanton tears
the blood we let             and embrace it all
a testament    to our strength
Form steel bonds           from cages
Place a star                     in vicious night
Trouble the black something     that remains our heart               and
Honor the disaster

May our country be the angel

We bow our heads
We ask this
In your name    America
Forever and ever
A           men