Kyla Yamashita

is a senior Biology and Public Health Science double major with a minor in Creative Writing. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii, and loves to sing and tap. With her minor, she appreciates being able to take a break from the sciences and express herself creatively.


an amoeba-shaped
splash on the gouged
yellowing throne and two
mere sheets didn’t
shield my tidy tush

tiny beasts flee about pristine
pale skin like cold dark
hair sprawled across
the shower wall

these creatures won’t
kill me so why not
pull up my pants
stroll out the stall
return to friends and pretend

it’s not a splotch of disease
multiplying and thriving
and multiplying
down my
thigh and

feet flee back
to stall where invisible
bugs broke my control
over reality i squeeze and spread
the antidote droplet
on my thigh that washes
this hairy web of horror down
the drain
my brain free
now from nothing

“is kyla still washing her ass?”