Michael Jack O’Brien

has placed poems in many publications, including these anthologies: Phoenix: Out of Silence...and Then; GridlockPoetry of Southern CaliforniaProposal on Brooklyn Bridge; and California: Dreamsand Realities. He babysits his grandchildren, reads to them, and sings them lullabies (hoping he doesn’t ruin their love of verse and music).

My Dear Bilateral

think now of the rhythm
of our two-beat song

the push-pull of lungs
the heart’s ta-dum ta-dum

our lives’ rhythm out and in
and think of how your hands

cup my ears to muffle them
from the requiems

as your two eyes watch clouds
hide then reveal the moon

your nostrils breathing in
giving clues to origin

as do two arms, two breasts,
all hug and brush

against shirt and blouse,
a bottom cleft above thighs

to calves arching below two knees
and down to your lovely feet

beneath legs that remember the old
dances. so let us, for science’s sake

uncover to discover why we
are constructed bilaterally.