Mighty Mike McGee (feat. poet); Grown, Recreating Dawn, Armistice, plus more

Tatiana M. R. Johnson; Another Death

Shelley Valdez; Engkanto and A Working List of Things I Would Ask You at the End of the World

And more.


Erin Fitzpatrick (feat. artist); Nicole in White, Nicole, Jasmine, and Brynn and Kristen

Page Kastner; Laundry Day and A Crime Along the Italian Countryside

Erin D. Garcia; Large Gradient #1 and Large Gradient #2

And more.

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Annie Loewen; Tiffany Blue

Sara Gilbert; Bubbe

Justin Zachary Wyckoff; Bao Inside


Frank Scozarri; The Yosemite Bear Bandits

D. Gilson; The Feral Boy

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