Santa Clara Review  Volume 104, Issue 2

Mr. Prewitt by Devin Kelly
The Tenderness of Prison by Gillian Haines
They Never Told Me by John Ballantine
M-Quisition by Natalie Benrubi
In Hot Water by Madeline Nguyen
Swordplay by Steve Susoyev

"The Long Sleep" by Devin Kelly
"The Travelers" by Devin Kelly
"Moon Jellies" by Hannah Jansen
"You Tell Me" by Jimmy Flynn
"Vasovagal Syncope" by Kate Asche
"Step Four" by Sage Curtis
"Truncation" by Miles Lagunas
"From Mount Monadnock Transmissions" by CAConrad
"Paraclausithyron" by Cameron Chase
"Terminal" by Riley O'Connell
"The Living Room" by Aidan Mahoney
"Dust Light" by Dominic Tran
"Work" by James Croal Jackson

Mr. Simon by Ben Miller
Night Fishing by Kelley Dong
Pickles and Grief by Karen Snowden

Man #1 by Jack Ready
Black Girl Magic by Lydia Samuel
Rani's Moon by Massiel Rivera
Jerry by Jack Ready
Janitor's Closet by Amer Kobaslija
The Art of Painting by Amer Kobaslija
Smoking by Amer Kobaslija
Untitled (2016) by Madison Blessington
Alvira 5 by Michael Hower
Lock Ridge by Michael Hower
Shipwrecks by Sandeep Kumar
When At First You Don't Succeed, Take More Photos by Angelina Marioni
Gesture 2 by Allen Forrest
Forsythia by Deborah Dendler
Prickled Frame by Lauren Ito
Lucia de Lago by Lauren Ito

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